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LIFE: Luar Zepol FW 2013 Show x “Rayo Esquisito” x Theophilus London, Plain Pat & Mimi Harris, Brenmar, Telfar Clemons & More! (2.13.13)

Luar Zepol was the last show I attended and what a perfect way it was to end NYFW 2013. As you may know, Raul Lopez is one of my oldest and dearest friends. Seeing him flourish and really blossom into

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celebration: KID CUDI ALBUM RELEASE PARTY at THE JANE HOTEL NYC!!! (september 15th, 2009)

knowing celebrities and famous people in the midst of their fame is one thing, but witnessing a real friend go from an “unknown” to a well known famous musician is another. last night, new york came out to celebrate a

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party pics: 3/6 OPEN with Q TIP, ME and RICH MEDINA! – Guest DJ SPINDERELLA!!!

*JONATHAN MANNION. *RICH and SPINDERELLA. *ELLE and SKY G. *GUNS N ROSES, ELLE, BILLY and ME. *IMANI and ROB’ERE – HAPPY BIRTHDAY! since i have to be at the club early, it can get a little boring. i try and

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last night was so cold i swore i saw my soul leave my body. elle and i braved the weather and went to a NIKE party at NIKE TOWN on 57th street. we met up with KID CUDI and made

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