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LIFE: DJ’ing for Cadillac x Public School in Dubai! My very first time there!

When the email came in asking if I was interested to DJ for Cadillac x Public School’s debut collaboration in Dubai, I was all…”Public School? The homies! Cadillac? Iconic and the homies too. Dubai? Like, “duh!”. Who could turn that

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LIFE: Behind The Scenes of My Art Film for Hotline Bling #UOHLB

Back in September, my friends and I got together to make a video for a song that I happened to love using a story I had written. Strangely enough, the story was written in 2008 to the song “HoustAtlantaVegas” by

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LIFE: DJ’ing for Cadillac & Nick Wooster’s #StyleDriven + Hanging with the Bro’s at Max Fish (9.1.15)

Last night I DJ’ed a fun little event for Cadillac and the Capsule Collection they did, curated and styled by Nick Wooster. I even had my own Cadillac truck and driver pick me up and drop me off. Elle, Chester

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NEWS: Toxic Shock Radio with Vashtie & Elle Clay! LIVE NOW! Ep. 1 Feat. Angelo Baque

Some of you may remember a while back, that my best friend and I did a little Radio Show for Know Wave called #ToxicShockRadio. Our second episode was the only one uploaded and saved, but you can listen to our

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WATCH: Vashtie’s Showtime Show 3AM Episode Guide – Talks Tough Childhood, Breakups, Love & More!

ARVE Error: src mismatchurl: in: gen: comparisonurl: in: gen: Have you guys been watching my SHOWTIME SHOW 3AM?! Oh wow, it is such a wild ride. Between Internet Sensation Fat Jew, Slutty Photographer Kirill,

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Last night was another epic House Party at Webster! I brought some 1992 dancers on stage to keep the 90s and 2000’s vibes going (and NOT twerk everywhere!) The crowd was insane and of course Rae Sremmurd gave a crazy

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LIFE: Vashtie’s #VioletteGShock Collaboration Party at Gansevoort – Big Sean, Binx, Funk Flex, Samantha Ronson, Trapstar & More!

  Big Sean x Vashtie #VioletteGShock Party     December 17th. Last night I celebrated the debute and launch of my very special Violette x G-Shock Collaboration at the luxe Rooftop at Gansevoort in New York City. It was amazing

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FLASHBACK: Directing Theophilus London’s “I Want You” (Summer 2010)

Just remembered that I voiced Theophilus’s Mixtape “I WANT YOU” and directed this little black and white gem for it! Originally posted on June 7th, 2010… *me, THEOPHILUS and ELLE “STEELY DAN” CLAY (NEW YORK, circa 2010) +++++ collaborating with

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LIFE: Private ASAP Rocky Birthday Party – Max Fish AfterParty (10.4.14)

I’ve been behind on posts, I know. But, better late than never – right? I hope.Post Dinner, on our way to celebrate ASAP Rocky’s Birth! Music by J. Scott  

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LIFE: DJ’ing at Howard Homecoming & DJ’ing for Puff at #RMC2014 – Travi$ Scott, Jermaine Dupri, Cassie & More (10.2014)

I was super stoked to DJ for Howard’s Homecoming Fashion Show, especially since I went to Art School and the idea of “School Spirit” is just plain foreign to me. It was cool to see people all about their school

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LIFE: #GansevoortVibes in Turks & Caicos – Paradise Found (September 2014)

The chance meeting of Evie Bear proved to be an incredible one. Miss Evie runs all the cool happenings at The Gansevoort in New York and always knows all the same folks I do – so you know a friendship

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LIFE: Last Night of Mexican Morrissey at Lit Lounge (*NOT CLOSING)

It’s sad when anything comes to a close, but I’m a firm believer that you need to live it up until the wheels fall off in honor of whatever that ending might be – within reason, of course! When I

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LISTEN: Elle Clay’s Debut Comedy Mixtape #306Live Feat. Jungle Pussy & Vashtie

  Elle Clay on Vashtie Kola. 2008 As you all know. My homie and my ace, Elle Clay, has been by my side for years…providing comic relief in any situation and clowning your girl along the way (see above). She’s also

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LIFE: 24 Hours in Atlanta, Hosting For #RaurFest – Blue Flame with B.o.B. and Love & Hip Hop

Last month I went to Atlanta to hang with emerging artist, Raury. He asked me to host his very first show (which happened right after his 18th Birthday) and I was more than obliged…I was stoked! I took Elle with

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Life: Dinner With The Creep Crew: Belated Birthday (5.12.14)

A few weeks ago, Angelo, Rafael and Elle took me to a lovely belated birthday dinner at  our favorite place. It was cozy and creepy, as usual. I love my familia! Angelo Baque and Minya…we ran int her having dinner

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LIFE: Birthday in Paris – Day 3 – DJ’ing at Favela Chic with DJ Reach (4.24.14)

The night before I got a little out of hand, but can you blame me? It was my birthday for goodness sake. I woke up at 3pm the next day and had no time but to eat, practice my set

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LIFE: Birthday in Paris – Day 2 – Moët Epernay Cave Tour & Dinner at Derrière: Jean Paul Paula, Elle Clay & More (4.23.14)

That morning the Moët team were picking me up for a private tour of their champagne cave in Epernay, just two hours outside of Paris. Which would be followed by a private lunch full of champagne food pairings at the

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LIFE: Nylon Guys Magazine Dinner at Manon – Norman Reedus, Josh Madden, G-Eazy & More (1.10.14)

With all this running around during New York Fashion Week, it can be hard to find time to sit down for a proper meal. So, when my brother Josh Madden asked me to be at a dinner for Nylon Guys

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LIFE: DJ’ing for Patta & Stussy x Gilded Lily NYC x Angelo Baque, Neal Santos, Patta SoundSystem

Last night, it was a classic “Boys Night Out”, which basically means me and Elle having a lovely dinner, talking about emotions and then heading out to a party…only to leave after about an hour. #Lames. This time around, things

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LIFE: NYC Moet Rose Lounge x Performance by Future x The Box NYC (12.17.13)

Man, you’d think work would be quieting down as we near the holidays – but, absolutely not. Keep in mind that there are Holiday Dinners and Holiday Parties galore (which is work in itself to get dressed for, etc). But,

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LIFE: Directing A Video For Porsche Design Blackberry 9982 x Fellow Artists Baron Von Fancy & More x Performance by Chairlift

A month ago, I was asked by the lovely folks at Karla Otto to direct a video using only the video/editing component of the sleek Porsche Deign Blackberry 9982. The video would be projected at fun event hosted at the

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LIFE: #Riquickulous Brand Jordan Party x Music by DJ Wonder, Vashtie & Surprise Performance by Pusha T (11.25.13)

  Photography by Dorothy Hong Over the weekend, Brand Jordan took over the massive basement of club Good Units (which is nestled below the Hudson Hotel on 58th Street) and turned it into a Hoop Dream…come to life. They created

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LIFE: Liming In Old Lyme – Dark & Stormy’s, A Thug Bug’s Life & Scott “Past Tense” Williams (2013)

We’ve been going to our friend Laura’s Country House in Old Lyme for the past few years now and every year we look forward to it like rain during a drought. As much as I hate leaving my city because

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LIFE: ASAP Ferg “Trap Lord” Album Listening Party – The Darby, NYC (8.5.13)

  After spending the earlier portion of the day working and running errands with Elle, we made our way to West 14th Street for ASAP Ferg’s Listening Party at The Darby. As we approached we ran into Rocky and just

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LIFE: Working In DC x DJ’ing The Howard Theatre Gala x Chaka Khan & More x Pre-Birthday Celebrations x Day 1 (4.19.13)

I was so stoked for this trip to DC for a few reasons. Mainly because I had never been before (at least I don’t think) and because I was playing selector at 3 events! I was originally booked to host

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LIFE: Surprise Birthday Celebration For Steve Nash + Studio Museum In Harlem Gala + I Met Chuck Close!!! (2.4.13)

I got invited to my first gala ever. Do you say it like “GAY-LUH” or “GAH-LUH” or “GAY-LAY?” Hahaha just kidding on the third variation. Anyways, Elle Clay was my date and we dressed to our personal 9’s. I say

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LIFE: Rockie Fresh 3-D Visual Listening Experience at Sunshine Landmark Theatre (1.17.13)

My friend Emmanuelle over at Atlantic Records invited me out for a special ROCKIE FRESH 3-D VISUAL LISTENING EXPERIENCE. I met up with JOSH MADDEN, ELLE CLAY & RICKY TWIN and we rolled through. I loved that it took place

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all photos by ELLE CLAY. *OSCAR and me. *MR. and MRS. *LIZZY, LALA, GREG and SCOTT. *OSCAR, RAUL and ME. *GREG, SHAQ and SCOTT. *RAULA.

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life: NYLON + NIKE SPORTSWEAR partnership!

how wonderful, one of my all-time favorite magazines and sneaker brands collaborated!!! the kicks look amazing and the style suites both brands. last night i was invited to the release party and here is how it went… *REE and DICKY

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party pics: 6/26 THE OPEN PARTY WITH QTIP, RICH MEDINA and VA$HTIE – MICHAEL JACKSON music all night long!

it’s been a few days, but i know we are still sad about MJ’s passing. friday night, THE OPEN PARTY dedicated the sound waves to our recently departed “KING OF POP”. i think the best way to honor someone’s memory

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party pics: 2/25 IRAK and aNYthing “Black Flag and Wu Tang Party” music by SEMEN SPERM

*pre-party, ME and ELLE watching the NIKE RECESS FEDERATION league game, as YOUNG SCOOZLE dropped tre-bombs on ’em! ———— later, on ESSEX STREET at LUMPINAR, it was the beginning of what may be the resurgence of real-deal-holyfield downtown NYC parties

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it happens every single friday in NYC at SANTOS. Q TIP and RICH MEDINA on the decks with surprise guest DJ’s like; DJ SCRATCH, GRAND MASTER FLASH, FUNKMASTER FLEX, BEVERLY BOND, DJ SPINNA and more. seriously, this is the best

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FRIDAY morning, ELLE, OSCAR and I flew to CHICAGO (me and ELLE’s first time) to help celebrate MIKEY ROCK’s 21st BIRTHDAY PARTY! the flight was a bit delayed, but i was in good company with my friends…we had tons of

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last night was so cold i swore i saw my soul leave my body. elle and i braved the weather and went to a NIKE party at NIKE TOWN on 57th street. we met up with KID CUDI and made

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OPEN: party pics Q TIP, ME and RICH MEDINA. Special Guest 88 Keys 11/14

*HARRY and ELLE during their traditional mating dance at SANTOS every friday. *happy birthday SKY! thumbs down to a double shot of patron after a night of whiskey, indeed!

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