LIFE: DJ’ing for Cadillac x Public School in Dubai! My very first time there!


When the email came in asking if I was interested to DJ for Cadillac x Public School’s debut collaboration in Dubai, I was all…”Public School? The homies! Cadillac? Iconic and the homies too. Dubai? Like, “duh!”. Who could turn that down? Certainly not your girl. They even granted me a guest and of course I took my “ungrateful plus 1” aka my bestie and my worstie…ya’ll know…Elle Clay.


Of course, I had to do a little research on Dubai. First of all, it’s located in the southern Persian Gulf and is a majorly developed and sophisticated city in the country of United Arab Emirates. It is also considered one of the leading cities of the world.

1. 0% Crime.
The crime rate in Dubai is so low. Virtually it is 0% across Dubai. That is why this city is considered one of the safest cities on earth. The law is so strict in Dubai. On the other hand, the people of Dubai are maintained with full of the morality.

2. 0% Income Tax. 

One has so many opportunities to become rich and wealthy in Dubai. The residents of Dubai are not supposed to pay their personal income tax. So the income tax is totally 0%. For this reason you can earn a lot of money and save it.

3. Home to the Tallest Skyscraper.

Some of the world’s tallest skyscrapers are here. The Burj Khalifa (which I kept calling the Wiz Khalifa) of Dubai is considered as world’s tallest man-made structure. The height of it is 2,717 feet.  Burj Khalifa is also edifices the highest mosque, the highest restaurant, highest outdoor observation and highest nightclub. All these things are in the Burj Khalifa tower.


4. Population.

There are some amazing facts are seen in the population of Dubai. It is so wonder to think that half of the total population living in this city are Indians. On the other hand, 17 % of the total population are Emiratis. The rest of the population is composed of immigrants.

5. Ski Dubai.

The Dubai mall is so developed and famous. It is also featured with Ski Dubai. Ski Dubai is an indoor ski resort. The area of it is 22,500 square meters. On the other hand, there is a snow park and it is considered as the biggest indoor snow park with an area of 3,000 square meters.


Well, there you have it. I also read a lot of crazy arrest stories of a couple holding hands in public or someone bringing in medication without a note from their doctor and being imprisoned for 3 months. It’s important when traveling anywhere to brush up on basic rules and laws of the place your visiting out of respect and safety!


vashtie_dubai_201501 vashtie_dubai_201502

Chillaxing in the First Class/Business Class Lounge.


Business Class was nice and cozy, but First Class was insane looking as I walked by. They had showers! Very Sex & The City Part 2.


Special Vegan Meal. Thank goodness for hummus and all the salty nuts that I normally would avoid in real life, but they saved me from dying of hunger!


Oh and there was a free-standing bar on the plane where I stood to snack on salty nuts and olives and chatted witht he lovely flight attendants!


Thass me.


We had only 3 days there, but I made sure to visit the Gold Souk. “Souk” means market. You know I am obsessed with gold!

vashtie_dubai_201508 vashtie_dubai_201509 vashtie_dubai_201510 vashtie_dubai_201511

Later that night there was a Public School x Cadillac Fashion Show and after I DJ’ed outside in the Dubai Design District.



Hannah Bronfman and Model babe Riley getting it in.


Dao Yi and Maxwell having fun an enjoying a successful night.


I was stressed out before getting on, but kilt it.

vashtie_dubai_201521Ahmad Troy.
vashtie_dubai_201522 vashtie_dubai_201523

The next day we took a tour around Palm Island…




Afterwards we had dinner and kicked it over drinks. I was riding sober October into November, so it was all sparkling water for my lame self.


This dessert was vegan! It’s called Meghli and you should try it. “Meghli, moghli, or karawiyah is a Levantine dessert based on a floured rice pudding and spiced with anise, caraway, and cinnamon…”

vashtie_dubai_201532 vashtie_dubai_201531

We had some fun naughty girl jokes.

Us gals had lots of fun…Mia Moretti, Vashtie, Alyse, Elle Clay and Guia flying high.vashtie_dubai_201529

Cigars are my favorite.



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Bong. Bong.

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