SHOP: Violette New York’s Vintage Mickey Mouse Collection

Growing up, Mickey Mouse was one of my favorite cartoon characters. Since his creation in 1928, he’s become one of the most recognizable and popular figures in pop culture. 

Although as a kid I wasn’t able to own anything Mickey or take a trip to Disney World or Disney Land, Mickey Mouse and Disney represent youthful innocence and fantasy. The magic and feeling that anything is possible and your wildest dreams are just within reach. As a fan of fashion, style, and branding, I’ve loved what Disney has accomplished not only as a company, but with their Mickey Mouse clothing as well.

So…with it being Walt Disney’s birthday today, I thought it’d be appropriate to pay homage by releasing a limited edition collection of vintage Mickey Mouse items from my personal wardrobe through my brand Violette New York. Through my travels, I’ve been able to collect and develop a collection over time ranging from bathing suites, vibrant t-shirts, denim jackets, & more.


(Mickey Mouse Speckled T-shirt)


(Mickey Mouse Florida T-shirt)


(Mickey Mouse T-shirt)

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