LIFE: Last Night of Mexican Morrissey at Lit Lounge (*NOT CLOSING)

It’s sad when anything comes to a close, but I’m a firm believer that you need to live it up until the wheels fall off in honor of whatever that ending might be – within reason, of course! When I learned that the famed Mexican Morrissey was coming to an end, I shed some of my saved up tears (#sadgirl). It was my therapy. Morrissey Fans would unite under one roof, dancing and singing and maybe crying a little. Anyways, thanks for the memories Mex Moz.

LIT LOUNGE IS NOT CLOSINGmexmoz_92714_vashtie01Angelo and Me, pre-gaming…once again!

mexmoz_92714_vashtie02Ade, Rocky and ASAP Nast came to dine with us.

mexmoz_92714_vashtie03ASAP Nast and Angelo Baque

mexmoz_92714_vashtie04Familia Photo

mexmoz_92714_vashtie05Yury Shats pouring out drama and crazy into glasses.

mexmoz_92714_vashtie06Rafael Rios, Jassine, Soohong

mexmoz_92714_vashtie07Elle Clay and Vashtie

mexmoz_92714_vashtie08Angelo Baque

mexmoz_92714_vashtie09John Paul, King Fool, Elle Clay and Rafael Rios

mexmoz_92714_vashtie10Beau Wollens

mexmoz_92714_vashtie11My frenemy!

mexmoz_92714_vashtie12Tupac sipping

mexmoz_92714_vashtie13 mexmoz_92714_vashtie14Me and my brother, Angelo Baque

mexmoz_92714_vashtie15Evie Bear & Elle 

mexmoz_92714_vashtie16Elle Clay & Dylan Macnamara

mexmoz_92714_vashtie17Vashtie & Lucien Clark

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