LIFE: NYC Moet Rose Lounge x Performance by Future x The Box NYC (12.17.13)

Invite - MLR NYC x Future[3][1]

Man, you’d think work would be quieting down as we near the holidays – but, absolutely not. Keep in mind that there are Holiday Dinners and Holiday Parties galore (which is work in itself to get dressed for, etc). But, when I heard about private Moet Rose party happening – there was no way I could turn it down or turn down when I got there.


It was my sister’s birthday, December 17th, and she came to visit me from Albany for the week (which I dubbed her birthday week). We went to a lovely dinner at The Standard Grill (my favorite) and then hopped in a cab through dirty slush to get to The Box for the soiree. It was black tie so we made sure to come correct; I was wearing my friend Yara’s line, Nomia, and my sister donned a seductive Aritzia number. Check it out…


Top and Skirt by Nomia. Jacket by Kenzo. Shoes by Surface To Air. Bag by Janvier Londonvashtie_moetrose_12171302

Savie and Me.vashtie_moetrose_12171303

My special made Vegan plate. Thanks!vashtie_moetrose_12171304

Steak…not mine.vashtie_moetrose_12171305

Happy Birthday Savie!vashtie_moetrose_12171306 vashtie_moetrose_12171307

The bar was ONLY serving Moet Rose and everyone in the place looked like a million bucks! Seriously. There were boy babes and girl babes everywhere, dressed to perfection!vashtie_moetrose_12171308

Acrobatics. Why not, it is The Box!vashtie_moetrose_12171309

Cayla Cousins and Vashtie.


Cayla Cousins, Vashtie & Elle Clay.vashtie_moetrose_12171312 vashtie_moetrose_12171313 vashtie_moetrose_12171314

Dee Twin. Where is Ricky?!vashtie_moetrose_12171315 vashtie_moetrose_12171316

Coltrane Curtis.vashtie_moetrose_12171317 vashtie_moetrose_12171318

Sister Sister…vashtie_moetrose_12171320 vashtie_moetrose_12171321 vashtie_moetrose_12171322 vashtie_moetrose_12171323 vashtie_moetrose_12171324

Curtains, Vashtie Tiffany Archer & Nigel Sylvester

Looking like the black Abba…Black Abba-tha.

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