LIFE: DJ’ing The Chloe Store x Wynn Las Vegas (12.14.13)


Last weekend was Miami with the Revolt TV family and this previous weekend was Las Vegas with my Chloe Family. So much traveling in such a short time has left me in a whirlwind, but I cannot complain…in fact I’m loving it. Meeting so many incredible people and gaining so many different kinds of experiences has me hungry for more!

My weekend Vegas trip was spent DJ’ing at the Chloe Store in the Wynn Hotel. It was a pre-Celebration to the Chinese New Year…which I learned at the party is, The Year of The Horse (You know how I love horses and feel about Horse Carriages)!

It was a fun trip – spent with my Chloe Friends, Arnaud and Alex. Samantha Jo Alonso came through also, it was nice to see her.

Breakfast at JFK.vashtie_djing_chloe_lasvegas_12141302

I think this is the Grand Canyon? It is unbelievably gorgeous. We Americans forget it, but America is truly beautiful. Hence, “America The Beautiful” – right?!
vashtie_djing_chloe_lasvegas_12141303 vashtie_djing_chloe_lasvegas_12141304

Yay! My name.vashtie_djing_chloe_lasvegas_12141305

So, if some of you may recall. I did a Birthday Party at The Wynn Hotel in 2008 and I was given free hotel rooms for me and my friends. My room was a massive space, complete with a massage room…because you absolutely need those. It was so big, I was afraid to sleep there alone – you know growing up in the hood and in New York City has left me mortified of space because I’ve never had it. The room I had this time around at the Wynn encore was perfect! vashtie_djing_chloe_lasvegas_12141306 vashtie_djing_chloe_lasvegas_12141307 vashtie_djing_chloe_lasvegas_12141308 vashtie_djing_chloe_lasvegas_12141309 vashtie_djing_chloe_lasvegas_12141310 vashtie_djing_chloe_lasvegas_12141311 vashtie_djing_chloe_lasvegas_12141312 vashtie_djing_chloe_lasvegas_12141314

Lunch with Arnaud & Alexvashtie_djing_chloe_lasvegas_12141313

I don’t think there are enough veggies here.vashtie_djing_chloe_lasvegas_12141315

My Chloe kit for the evening!vashtie_djing_chloe_lasvegas_12141316


How adorable are these macaroons!vashtie_djing_chloe_lasvegas_12141318

These fabulous Chinese babes and their midget friend.vashtie_djing_chloe_lasvegas_12141319

Me and my friend Arnaud! He is the sweetest!

Samantha Jo and her babe squad.vashtie_djing_chloe_lasvegas_12141321 vashtie_djing_chloe_lasvegas_12141322 vashtie_djing_chloe_lasvegas_12141323

Girl Talk after the party and before the dinner.vashtie_djing_chloe_lasvegas_12141324 vashtie_djing_chloe_lasvegas_12141325 vashtie_djing_chloe_lasvegas_12141326


Prom Pose at the Wynn Encore. We may never understand the decor of the Wynn Hotels, but we had despite the confusion.vashtie_djing_chloe_lasvegas_12141328

After dinner drinks at Gold Spike (Arnaud)

It was SO nice to get off the strip. Vegas is cool for its casino and club culture, but its not really true Vegas…at least it’s not the local vibe. Gold Spike was full of interesting locals and (analog) games for people to play: Cornhole, Giant Jenga, etc. It was a highlight of the trip and I wish we had something like that here in NYC.vashtie_djing_chloe_lasvegas_12141329Fun times with Friends!

The End <3


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