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This Year’s Halloween Edition of the 1992 Party Brought Tricks and Treats

This Halloween our downtown sweetheart threw an epic edition of The 1992 party for her favorite holiday. Vashtie and crew tore it down at Schimanski in Williamsburg and the turn out was incredible. Some came in costumes ready to show

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RECAP: The 1992 Party Valentines Day Edition <3

Video by: Aklo On Valentines Day, Vashtie threw a very special edition of The 1992 Party at Lot 45 in Brooklyn. The turn out was incredible and the line was wrapped around the block before midnight. Some folks came with

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Behind The Scenes of the 1992 Classic Film ‘Juice’

Even though we will always associate the 90’s film Juice as being a classic, there was much untold that went down behind the scenes in order to really make the film happen. The film was originally rejected in 1984 when

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Video by Dabian Canales If you were not partying with VA$HTIE and her friends on Thursday for her 1992 Holiday Party, you missed out. No, seriously, pack it up. You’re cancelled. Our favorite “Downtown Sweetheart” brought the house down, with

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Recap: Vashtie Brings Back her Classic 1992 Party

Video by: @le.Minor On Thursday, our favorite “downtown sweetheart” reminded us all why there is nothing better than gyrating and “throwing it back” to some good ole’ classics! Hosted by Gitoo and joined by a roster of eclectic djs like

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Celebrate ‘1992’ Ten Year Anniversary with Vashtie At SOBs

Thursday, December 15 catch downtown’s sweetheart Vashtie performing at SOBs in New York. The event is not only a charitable occasion but it is the 10 year anniversary of Vashtie’s popular 1992 party series. Performers will include Young M.A, Princess Nokia,

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Princess Nokia Gets Bloody In “Kitana” Visual

Princess Nokia has dropped the second visual from her 1992 mixtape for “Kitana”. Shot in a neighborhood park, Nokia hosts an all-female sparring match on a basketball court for all to see. Nokia and her crew don headgear, gloves and

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Princess Nokia Forms Good Witch Coven In “Brujas” Visual

Princess Nokia has released a new visual for “Brujas” from her 1992 mixtape. The visual features Nokia and group of fellow “witches” as they share and perform their rituals in the sea and later in dense forestry. The video is

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After a couple of weeks of missing my party, I finally made my return! I actually missed the craziness.. a little. Deemehlow, DJ Huggy Bear, and myself had the Marlin Room jumping all night long! We even had some very special

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As you may or may not know, earlier this month we celebrated the 1 year anniversary of my 1992 Party  at legendary Webster Hall. Every Thursday is what we call “House Party” with 4 massive floors of partying. My party

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Can you believe it’s been a whole year since 1992 the Party has been at Webster Hall’s House Party?! Thank you to everyone who has ever come out to support the party. Even if you haven’t yet, come by tonight!

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Last night was another epic House Party at Webster! I brought some 1992 dancers on stage to keep the 90s and 2000’s vibes going (and NOT twerk everywhere!) The crowd was insane and of course Rae Sremmurd gave a crazy

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No plans for tonight? Make sure you head out to #1992theParty this and every Thursday at Webster Hall!

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LIFE: #1992TheParty at #HousePartyNYC Webster Hall – Photos via Photos NickyDigital.Com (Date: April 9th, 2014)

Have you been 1992 at Webster Hall’s #HOUSEPARTYNYC yet?! Well, you need to come. Book a trip, take a holiday, call out of work…but just come! You won’t regret it! Or maybe you will if you have real responsibilities, but

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NEWS: The Debut of House Party x Webster Hall (via Village Voice)

  As some of you may know, last Thursday was the kickoff of House Party at Webster Hall. House Party will be a weekly party at Webster Hall every Thursday with various artists from Just Blaze & DJ Soul to

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INVITE: House Party x Just Blaze x Electric Punanny x Vashtie & More (4.3.14)

Webster Hall is presenting “House Party,” which is set to launch next Thursday, April 3rd. House Party will take over Webster Hall every week from 10PM to 4AM and showcase a different style on each of the 4 floors. Make

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LIFE: Vashtie x 1992 x Toronto x Che Kothari & Wan Luv Party (2.21.14)

Last Friday I went to Toronto for my very first time to DJ for the Che Kothari & Wan Luv’s Launch alongside DJ Huggy Bear, DJ Mensa, DJ Lissa Monet & many more at Tattoo! Despite me being jet lagged

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INVITE: Che Kothari & Wan Luv x Vashtie x 1992 x Toronto (2.21.14)

  To all my Toronto peeps, I will be there this Friday for a 1992 Function featuring Vashtie x Huggy Bear x DJ Mensa x Lissa Monet. Get your TICKETS HERE.

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INVITE: Che Kothari & Wan Luv x Vashtie x 1992 x Toronto x Buy Your Tickets Now (2/21/14)

  To all my Toronto friends, 1992 is back for another function! It’s all going down inside Tattoo (567 Queen Street West) on February 21st with a special DJ set by me followed by Huggy Bear x DJ Mensa x

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INVITE: AfroPunk After Dark x 1992 x Hosted by Oscar & Vashtie x DJ Jasmine Solano, Melo-X & Huggy Bear

Come one, come all! 1992 will be partying with AfroPunk AfterDark in Brooklyn – our very first Brooklyn party (how exciting, but what a damn shame). Come through! Admission is free. 

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my adorable bestie OSCAR was just interviewed by WORSHIP WORTHY, check it out… you can follow OSCAR on TWITTER at!

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“i like my beat down low and my TOPSHOP gear” — 1992 DJ’s for TOPSHOP!!!

yes yes ya’all. TOPSHOP is finally in the U-S of A. although, TI has nothing to do with it – i just liked the way his line sounded 🙂 legendary JUSTINE D. asked OSCAR and i to DJ one of

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party pics: 3/19 – 1992 x PEGLEG x OPENING CEREMONY

we began the night with dinner at LUCKY STRIKE. i could live off their bread, it’s like biting into a heavenly cloud. *HARRY BO BARRY. *YOUNG SCOOZLE and BOBBY. with a pre-game meal in our bellies we made our way

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party pics: 2/7 1992 x TUBWAY at MR. BLACKS

 shoutout to DJ NITA, LADY FAG and ONE HALF NELSON for inviting OSCAR and I to host for the second time at MR. BLACKS. saturday night, we went to midtown to celebrate a night with PALMS OUT SOUND and a

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party pics: 1992 x COOCHIFRITO x BPMW (an after-CAPSULE party)

*RAUL picked us up wearing a lion. *KK sent me a logo for my blackberry! *SABEL and OSCAR. *OSCAR, ANGELO, ME, CLAUDIA and GABY! *ELLE and RAFAEL RIOS. *DJ IRON LYON. *OSCAR, DREW and STEPHEN. *ELLE brought up the fact

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party| 1992 x COOCHIFRITO x BPMW – Monday 1/19 at HAPPY ENDING!

OSCAR and I will be there in full effect, co-hosting with our homies ANGELO and GABY!

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a couple weeks ago fellow PAPER NIGHTLIFE AWARD winners, TUBWAY/MR.BLACK, asked 1992 to host one of their saturday night parties…and we agreed with glee! this would be the after-after party to PEPSI and NIKE. OSCAR and I were so beat,

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party pics: 1992 at SANTOS 12/8

*LO HEADS. *OKI and MOI. *meanies. *we’re trying out to be the next SWV. *SANDFLOWER and JASMINE. *SHANNON STOKES and JADE.

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Oprah, Michael Jordan and Deep Dish Pizza! CHICAGO, here we come!

OSCAR, ELLE and I will be there to celebrate the momentous occasion of MIKEY’S 21st birthday!!!  

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yay! OSCAR and I were given the honor of a one page in the most recent PAPER MAGAZINE. the same magazine we grew up on, drooling over New York City nighlife! needless to say it was an honor to be

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VOTE BABY VOTE!!! for your favorite party (eh em, 1992 and OPEN)

LADY MISS KIER said it best in this ad for MTV/ROCK THE VOTE in the 90’s… PAPER MAGAZINE has nominated 1992 and OPEN as BEST PARTY for their annual NIGHTLIFE AWARDS! VOTE HERE!

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i’m a jaded american. i’ve been numb for years after witnessing horrors with the system in this country. of course, i LOVE this place and it’s people. no, we don’t suffer as badly as others around the world and at

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1992: 2 year anniversary with CIPHA SOUNDS, NEIL ARMSTRONG, DJ ELLE, KID CUDI…vogue show, bboy battle, giftbags, free fried chicken and photobooth!

wow, 2 years and running. i really didn’t expect this. thanks to everyone who supports, physically or spiritually 🙂 the party went down at SANTOS PARTY HOUSE on a SUNDAY night and the house was packed! check for more photos

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hey folks, here it is. the ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY of 1992!!! yep, all the bootleg 90’s parties are way younger than us! anyways, we want nothing more than for ya’ll to come and celebrate with us. KREG HOLT will also

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1992 party pictures.

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MIAMI WMC – videos and photos.

*LUCIA CHO, KUNLE and ME! *watch and be amazed, OSCAR dancing in front of a clubplanet banner as a hurricane approaches! *KUNLE and his magical sunglasses. *the hottest MIAMI dancers. definitely not on ecstasy…haha. *TIMOTHY loves THE CLIPSE…he think he

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Alife Sesh (Q Tip and Moby) & The Bench

okay, i know a few of us will be blogging about this event…but once again, ALIFE smashed it. they are pioneers in this game, holding it down since 1976 (i could be wrong on that date but they’ve been doing

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1992 BLOCK PARTY – Success!!!

if you missed it, here’s your recap. the block party was BUTTERS! yes. the illegal block party continued flawlessly! this super depressed super-intendent tried to rain on the parade and called the cops. after the second time the po-po came

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