party pics: 3/19 – 1992 x PEGLEG x OPENING CEREMONY

we began the night with dinner at LUCKY STRIKE. i could live off their bread, it’s like biting into a heavenly cloud.



with a pre-game meal in our bellies we made our way to the cliz-ub. people were lined up at 10pm to party (and for the free drinks, i presume).

*OSCAR (who is at SXSW right now!)

*ELLE-INGTON enjoying some free HOEGAARDEN! hoes love it!

*fellow fashionable blog readers came out. it was too loud when they told me their names so i couldn’t add it, my apologies ladies!

*SHAYNE cranked out the tunes like a true soulja girl!

*SHAYNE was topless under that leather! it took everything inside me not to laugh while we posed “seductively” for the camera!

*DANCES WITH WHITE GIRLS kept us dancing after SHAYNE was done.

*DREW, STEPHEN and NEFERTITI (it was so nice to finally meet her!)

*SABEL and crew.

*the fellas were happy, and me and OSCAR’s job seemed complete…

U N T I L . . .

*read it and weep, folks. for anyone who has ever excitedly put on a crispy pair of kicks, only to have your dreams shattered by the stomp of one drunken fool – you know what this image feels like. not only does it hurt your soul, but some of you are weeping. to add insult to injury, dude not only stomped the eff out of this unsuspecting shoe, he also rammed into all of us who were standing there (including me, which resulted in the spillage of a drink all over my white tank top).

i was ok with wearing champagne, but the injured (who will remain nameless) did not take nicely to it. he wanted to explain to dude why he was so angry, but drunken master was not having that. his girlfriend was even worse at diffusing the bomb; that bomb being of TRINIDADIAN/JAMAICAN descent, if you know what i mean. the whole thing ended with an open-hand slap to dude’s grill. not pretty.


*DJ EZRA KINGDOM. it’s not fair. he shakes his ass like a west indian girl and i shake my ass like a white man…it’s pathetic 🙁

*all and all, the night ended splendidly. i literally danced all night long like i was at a rave circa 1995. SABEL asked ELLE if i was on something – as if! haha. i just never get to have fun at my own parties, because it’s always work.



this collaboration with OPENING CEREMONY is MAJOR!!!

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