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A Climatic Legacy: President Obama Speaks to National Geographic

President Barack Obama has tirelessly worked toward environmental healing and awareness through measures like the Clean Power Plan, White House science fairs, and the Better Buildings Challenge to name a few. With inauguration rapidly approaching, our 44th president wants to

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8 Power Couples from the 90’s Who Made Their Mark

In my last blog post, I profiled 8 celebrity couples whose 90’s relationships may have flown under the radar because of later relationships to come. In addition to those couples, the 90’s did see its fair share of power couples;

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PEPSI Inauguration Brunch at Cafe Select!

*ARTWORK by ACE BOON COON. ok, i’m really not going to comment about this day because it’s probably similar to all the things everyone is thinking and feeling – and talking about the obvious would kill the moment. anyways… here’s

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i’m a jaded american. i’ve been numb for years after witnessing horrors with the system in this country. of course, i LOVE this place and it’s people. no, we don’t suffer as badly as others around the world and at

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