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behind the scenes: PEPSI x WILL.I.AM x VA$HTIE (The Ultimate Refresh)

i can’t talk about the project, but as soon as i can – i’ll be sure to let you guys know all about it. words cannot explain how excited i am to be apart of this. thanks to the entire

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PEPSI Inauguration Brunch at Cafe Select!

*ARTWORK by ACE BOON COON. ok, i’m really not going to comment about this day because it’s probably similar to all the things everyone is thinking and feeling – and talking about the obvious would kill the moment. anyways… here’s

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NIKE Casette Player Party + PEPSI afterparty!

at 7pm, the PEPSI retail event ended but would resume at 9 for the afterparty. there was also a NIKE event happening for the release of the CASSETTE PLAYER kicks release. i was exhausted, but knew i had to shake

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SATURDAY was freezing cold, but lots of fun. not only was i featured among some really amazing brands, but i also had a chance to meet customers face to face 🙂 ELLE and I were running on 3 hours sleep,

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