SATURDAY was freezing cold, but lots of fun. not only was i featured among some really amazing brands, but i also had a chance to meet customers face to face 🙂 ELLE and I were running on 3 hours sleep, the aftermath of my friday night party and then having to be up at 8am. eesh.

*OSCAR came through with the special made VIOLETTE zines.

*MAX manning the SSUR booth.

*ABSURD booth!

*SAMANTHA and CHRIS all the way from FRUITION in LAS VEGAS. they were by far, the best dresed couple there. they looked like a the coolest couple from highschool in the early 90’s.

i have no pictures of the other brands; like STAPLE (thanks for the stickers), ORCHARD STREET (thanks for the pizza), HELLZ BELLZ (thanks LANIE for the tee), COMMONWEALTH and CUBANNIE LINKS. everyone was super cool!

friends stopped by…


*NICK and YOUNG SCOOZLE (taking a break from their PEGLEG sale around the corner)


*towards the end we popped champagne.

*ELLE and ANGELO had a dance off.

*little miss LUNA made some origami with lighting fast speed…

*a flower! and also…

*a mini crane!


*she repped for VIOLETTE hard!

*SKY on the decks.

*me, SAMANTHA and WENDY from NITROLICIOUS. if she’s in the building you know it’s fashionable and cool!

*it was a reunion of sorts. PETE and CHRIS GIBBS were in the building. since they moved to LA years ago, i never see much of them 🙁


*LEAH MTTM with cute baby KIER.

*these cute customers from GERMANY, FRANCESCA and ANNA, came in and bought a lot of pieces. Anna told me she reads my blog and i got so geeked i had to take their picture. shout out to them and to my German peeps, i need to go back and visit soon!

SPECIAL THANKS to: OSCAR WILD, ELLE CLAY, COLTRANE CURTIS and LISA, SKY, LANIE, SAMANTHA and CHRIS, and all the people who came out to support!

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