NIKE Casette Player Party + PEPSI afterparty!

at 7pm, the PEPSI retail event ended but would resume at 9 for the afterparty. there was also a NIKE event happening for the release of the CASSETTE PLAYER kicks release. i was exhausted, but knew i had to shake babies and kiss hands.

my girl GRACE LADOJA from london email introduced CARRI from (Cassette Player) and I, so i definitely wanted to support her event.

*DEMETRIA and JOSH, whats up with some kicks. you guys been slackin’ on your mackin’! 🙂

*CARRIE was super sweet. not to mention, her kicks were RETARDED! seriously.

*what did i tell you?!


our stay at NIKE was super brief. we headed to PEPSI, to check out the NORE performance.

*TAKE 1 (thanks OSCAR)

*there we go! COOL CHRIS and SABELITA.


dancing machines OSCAR WILD and SABEL from va$htie on Vimeo.
*OSCAR and SABEL having some fun.


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