PEPSI Inauguration Brunch at Cafe Select!


ok, i’m really not going to comment about this day because it’s probably similar to all the things everyone is thinking and feeling – and talking about the obvious would kill the moment. anyways…

here’s how i watched the event!

SKY invited me to a brunch that PEPSI was holding at CAFE SELECT where there would be free food and live coverage of the INAUGURATION! special thanks to COLTRANE CURTIS and LISA CHU 🙂

*i previewed PEPSI NATURAL and it was delicioso!

*they gave out giftbags and these cute little OBAMA logo chains made by GABE URIST!

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  • This quarantine has me washing my hands countless times every hour yet showering my body every other day 🤦🏾‍♀️
    about 5 hours ago
  • I just realized that Tabitha has always been an all-around cool name 🤔
    about 1 day ago
  • Show me your favorite #TikTok’s. Every one I accidentally see on instagram makes me want to rip my hair out.
    about 1 day ago



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