LIFE: New Year’s Eve Dinner at The Odeon x Party at Westway x DJ Brenmar, SureShot & Huggy Bear


Brenmar & Vashtie (The Westway NYC, NYE ’14)

New Year’s Eve in New York City is always dreaded yet welcomed for me. The start of a new year is always amazing, it represents a new year to get it right or at least get it closer to right than the year before. Although, the night of NYE is dreaded because its always filled with chaos, traffic and lunatics running around. Previously, I spent NYE dining with friends at The Odeon (a New York City landmark)…as some of you may know from previous posts. This year I was asked to have my own soiree at The Westway. I’d never worked on NYE, but was down to try it for fun. It ended up being amazing!vashtie_nye201301


Sabrina, Greg and Papa Passuntino.vashtie_nye201302

The family tradition is taking a normal picture and then a crazy one. I love that!vashtie_nye201303

Resident NYE DJ’s for The Odeon; Harry McNally & Young Scoozle (aka Scott Williams)vashtie_nye201304




After dinner, I jetted to the cliz-ub. On my way out the door, I met director John Waters who was also dining at The Odeon. I introduced myself and awkwardly let him know I was a fan. He was very kind to me.




Jonny Shipes & Vashtievashtie_nye201310


vashtie_nye201312Hope you all had a wonderful NYE and that you are on your way to conquering 2014 like the bad-asses you are!


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