1992 – PHOTOSHOOT “class is back in session” with Rafael Rios.

OSCAR and i decided to go all the way with our “CLASS IS BACK IN SESSION THEME” for our flyer and upcoming party. i referenced my catholic school girl years (Kindergarten – 12th grade) and went with a classic plaid ensemble. in my search for wardrobe, i googled “school girl uniform” and was met with cheesey sex shops selling mini skirts and cropped blouses – ewww (i mean, if that’s your thing i suggest going real deal with barely legal and not corny stripper). i had to be official, so i went to COOKIES in BK (school uniform central).

* while walking down the street to shoot this on a Tuesday mid-morning, i was confused for a pre-teen and a 14 year old almost tried to fight me. it was that classic “she thank she cute” look, while trying to bump me as she walked past with her homegirls. being jumped by a gang of youngins’ would not have been cute.

*OSCAR with GUCCI book strap.


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