Phillipe Chow Dinner with CHUCK INGLISH and ELLE.

pre-1992, a friend who is very inspiring and successful invited me to dinner with associates. i took ELLE and CHUCK and we ended up at a fancy dinner at PHILLIPE CHOW. i normally can’t make it past 14th street, but wanted to spend time with some cool friends. the table was filled with a lot great industry types, doing very cool things in life…














*PHILLIPE CHOW is like super chinese food, or something. i don’t think they have beef and broccoli (the classic), but i would suggest green prawns, the salad, and the chicken satay.















*eating makes people happy, yay for food.















*ELLE and the voss.

of course, me, elle and chuck felt a little out of place at such an establishment and to make up for checking our street cool at the door – we “borrowed” a giant bottle of VOSS water during our exit. karma caught up to us when i opened it to find it was not flat water but sparkling, which exploded all over me. *NOTE: stealing is bad and i do not suggest, condone or practice it 🙂

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