happy birthday: OSCAR!!!

my dear, sweet, lovely cousin OSCAR. words cannot explain how much i love this guy. we met in like 2001 and have been tighter than an Ed Hardy t shirt. he started dressing “90’s” way before anyone else was, years and years ago. when it wasn’t cool and people made little side jokes when they saw him. anyways, O is a style icon and a new york city legend!

the other day ELLE is scanning through my Polaroid collection and says “Oscar is your muse. It’s cute”. i realized…he is!

’nuff said. i love you OSCAR! and if you guys meet him you would love him to!!!

(ooooooooorange jooooooose)

*the old stomping ground on ELIZABETH STREET, circa 2005

*APT, circa 2003

*portraits by ANGELO BAQUE, circa 2003

*a bit of history…that long standing MONDAY NIGHT PARTY at SWAY actually was RETAIL MAFIA (which started here at JACK RABBIT SLIMS in 2004) which moved to SWAY shortly…then the party got taken over and the originators left and thats all.

*2006, at LOTUS with my LV CAT PURSE.

2003, with SUPERDAEV. and yes, he has a sherlock holmes hat pre-everyone jumping on the bandwagon and he is holding a magnifying glass!

*2007, 1992 Block Party in LES



*2005, having vegan dessert at TEANY

*first 1992 party, 2006

*2005, at Lotus and sticking out like sore thumbs.

*2007 Miami, WMC

*2006. this Flash hat is amazing. when he walks on the street and little kiddies see him, they stare in complete awe like he’s a superhero.

*2004, freezing in soho.


he’s also a phenomonal dancer. check this video of him dancing in MIAMI (where we did 1992 during WMC in 2007). he’s not even putting forth THAT much energy, you have to see him at full force.

i also put him in many of my videos, he’s just so mesmerizing to watch! here’s the ARMAND VAN HELDEN video i did for “I Want Your Soul”

one of my first videos: BEANS video for the song “PaperCut”

OSCAR! you inspire me!!!

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