LIFE: A History Of My Birthday Parties & The Infinite Pain They Bandage

One of my very first birthday flyers (by Oscar Sanchez), circa 2004? I always wanted the nickname “Chainsaw” hence “Chainsaws Birthday Massacre”.


For those of you who follow me and have been following me, you know all about my birthday soirees.

Every year, since about 2007 or 2008, I have had a BIG BIRTHDAY PARTY. Why you may ask? Well, I’m not that girl that loves her birthday…in fact, I’ve hated getting older since I was 15 years old. Maybe it was because at that age I was already clubbing, attending a prestigious high school (on scholarship) and working 2 jobs. I must have known then that life could and would only get harder as time when on. And…so it does, sigh!

I realized that having birthday parties allows me to focus all my attention on the event and not the stinging ailment otherwise known as age.


In 2005, I had a birthday party and invited all my friends. When I came outside later, the security informed me that folks who weren’t on my list that I had never heard of wanted to come and party too. I thought to myself, “why exclude those folks who want to celebrate my dreaded birthday with me?”. I’m lucky to have people that I know who love and support me, but there are also people out there that I don’t know who also support me – I hated the idea of excluded them. Besides, I’ve always hated door policys/dress codes/ etc…it’s so alienating and weird.



With the help of my party 1992, I took my birthday a step further at Lotus on 14th Street. Friends and Family were listed for easy entry and those whom I did not know but wanted to party with me were allowed entry by paying a small fee. That seemed to work perfectly. VIPS and Tastemakers, Friends and Strangers – all under one roof. My camera died and I have no photos from this night, sad to say.



Me and Oscar

Raul Lopez and Me



I had my first shindig at Santos and it was another hit. This time Sprite Green came in as a sponsor and I unveiled my yet-to-be-famous Jordan 3 Birthday Cake (later inspiring Kanye West and his Yeezy Sneaker Cake). This cake also helped me solidify my Jordan Sneaker Deal when they saw what a crazy fool I was for Jordans!

Artwork by Doves TCK the greatest! The theme for that year was “Ultra Violette”. This was also a time in my life that I didn’t know how to dress like a girl. I mean, I really had no flavor when it came to dressing up. I was so good at everyday boy style that when it came to being girly – I thought, “tight dress and heels”. Good thing I have grown and learned!

Kid Cudi

Jus Ske, Me and Q-Tip

DJ Huggy Bear, Elle Clay and Me



In 2010, I had upcoming (now well-known) artist Theophilus London perform a set at my party. My birthday cake that year was a trio of pink and purple dice, for my favorite dice game cee-lo. It was an incredible night…



After so much pressure from my darling gay male friends to “step it up”, I got my hair done and wore an extraordinary dress by my friend Dominique Auxilly. My look was a hit and even my old friend Lupe came through. I also had the homie Big Krit perform, that was an incredible night.



it was a little bit more low-key. I had a smaller and simpler soiree at Beauty & Essex (thanks to Luck and Israel), but a lot of my super awesome friends rolled through; Pusha T, QuestLove, Chef Roble, etc.

QuestLove and Me

Me, Adriana and Celasia


Here we are at 2013.

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