LIFE: Birthday Dinner at Jack’s Wife Freda with Int’l Friends; Black Rainbow, Alex Sossah, Jonny Shipes & More! (5.9.14)


So, yes…my birthday was April 23rd and no…I’m not one of those people that makes their birthday a month long celebration. I do, however, work a lot and travel (lately) so I have to break up birthday dinners with friends over time. SO…last Friday I had a lovely dinner with my friends that were in town from Paris, London and Boson at Jack’s Wife Freda…including the dudes from BLACK RAINBOW and my management team – Jonny Shipes, Druha and Noha. It was a really great time.

vashtie_birthdaydinner_JFW_5201401Jack’s Wife Freda has a super special place in my heart!




Jay Smith of Black Rainbowvashtie_birthdaydinner_JFW_5201405Druha and Noha, these guys hold me down on the daily!

vashtie_birthdaydinner_JFW_5201406 vashtie_birthdaydinner_JFW_5201407Don’t let Jay Smith take your picture or he will snap too close of a photo, always.

vashtie_birthdaydinner_JFW_5201408The Greek salad sans the feta, my favorite!



vashtie_birthdaydinner_JFW_5201411Yassine and Greg! I love them!

vashtie_birthdaydinner_JFW_5201412Jay Smith, me and Julian


Later that night we went to see my boo thang, Alex Sossah, who was also in town for a blip. It happened to be at a gay club, but hey – I’m not complaining. I think I was a gay man in my past life.vashtie_birthdaydinner_JFW_5201415Alex Sossah and Vashtie.

vashtie_birthdaydinner_JFW_5201416These guys weren’t too happy to be there, but we didn’t stay long anyways…





After, we got a cab and went to the Bowery Hotel where we were told it was closed to non-guests of the hotel – but, my friend works there and we got on. A lot of people think you have to be well-known or super cool to get into nice places, but really – it’s all about who you know and sometimes who you know are just regular cool ass people that work in super chic places. Just some advice.


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