LIFE: Secret VIP ASAP Ferg Performance at Up&Down (5.10.14)

My boo Alex Sossah told me and Jay Smith about the super secret and VIP performance that ASAP Ferg was having the night before and we couldn’t miss that. I was with Elle all day and we met Jay outside UP&DOWN (formerly The Darby) for a good time. Sydney Reising was also holding down the cool people invites, so you know all the right people were there.
vashtie_up&down_asapferg_5201401 vashtie_up&down_asapferg_5201402 vashtie_up&down_asapferg_5201403 vashtie_up&down_asapferg_5201404Trinidad!

vashtie_up&down_asapferg_5201405 vashtie_up&down_asapferg_5201406 vashtie_up&down_asapferg_5201407 vashtie_up&down_asapferg_5201408 vashtie_up&down_asapferg_5201409Like I said, Jay Smith takes photos too close for comfort!

vashtie_up&down_asapferg_5201410 vashtie_up&down_asapferg_5201411 vashtie_up&down_asapferg_5201412Me and Ferg! Awwww, he is a sweetie. And he’s Trinidadian, like me!

vashtie_up&down_asapferg_5201413We wiled out, just a little.

vashtie_up&down_asapferg_5201414 vashtie_up&down_asapferg_5201415 vashtie_up&down_asapferg_5201416Then a lot…

vashtie_up&down_asapferg_5201417 vashtie_up&down_asapferg_5201418 vashtie_up&down_asapferg_5201419Bobby and his babe of a boo, post wedding.


Me and Elle went home for a tipsy night of a vegan feast. We stopped at my favorite 24 hour deli that has vegan options and we went in.vashtie_up&down_asapferg_5201421I also forced her to make her fruit compote ver almond milk ice cream because I had strawberries in my fridge.

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