LIFE: Weekend DJ’ing in Vancouver for Republic & LA for Broccoli Fest – Steve Nash, DJ Jay Swing & More! (5.2.14)

vashtie_vancouver_LA_4201418Steve Nash & Vashtie – Vancouver, CA May 2014 at Club Republic

May 2nd & 3rd I did double duty. A Friday gig DJ’ing at Republic in Vancouver and then Saturday day DJ’ing in LA. Then it was back to NYC Sunday night for a Monday morning shoot with French Fashion Blogger Garance Doré and UK Brand Whistles. More to come on that today!

As soon as I landed in Vancouver I worked on my set and took a nap. Then it was dinner with the promoter/DJ and my friends, Jay Swing and his boo Bre Wallace (with their adorable little one).

vashtie_vancouver_LA_4201401 vashtie_vancouver_LA_4201402 vashtie_vancouver_LA_4201403The Wallace Family!

vashtie_vancouver_LA_4201404Got interviewed with The Screen Girls who were super sweet and lovely. Peep the interview here:

vashtie_vancouver_LA_4201405 vashtie_vancouver_LA_4201406 vashtie_vancouver_LA_4201407 vashtie_vancouver_LA_4201408 vashtie_vancouver_LA_4201409Well she had a good time!

vashtie_vancouver_LA_4201410This DJ booth is so sick. It literally is like a hovering stage on the wall. Amazing.

vashtie_vancouver_LA_4201411 vashtie_vancouver_LA_4201412Van City Babe Squad

vashtie_vancouver_LA_4201413DJ Jay Swing & Me.

vashtie_vancouver_LA_4201414 vashtie_vancouver_LA_4201415Bre Wallace

vashtie_vancouver_LA_4201417 vashtie_vancouver_LA_4201418Later that night, my friend (and Vancouver native) Steve Nash came through. We got to catch up for a little, it was nice!


Later on, we landed in Los Angeles and ad to pick up a Hertz rental which was so surreal. You basically video chat with a representative. So next.
vashtie_vancouver_LA_4201420 vashtie_vancouver_LA_4201421

I plugged my phone into the rental for some tunes and this song popped up. I was like, “whoa, am I still in Paris and what station is playing this song?” Then I realized it was my phone because I own this song. So bizarre.vashtie_vancouver_LA_4201422You know I stopped at Cafe Gratitude for some food. It’s my favorite place in LA to eat.

vashtie_vancouver_LA_4201423My dear friend Karl sent some lovely things. We sipped on it Sunday morning while my friend Casper took some great quick portraits of me.

vashtie_vancouver_LA_4201424 vashtie_vancouver_LA_4201425
vashtie_vancouver_LA_4201427 vashtie_vancouver_LA_4201428 vashtie_vancouver_LA_4201429The End. I’m super jet lagged.

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