LIFE: Day At The Beach + Dinner With Joey Bada$$ (8.24.13)

I seriously don’t think I’ve been to the beach in 2 years. That realization came to me this past weekend as I got packed for the beach with Angelo Baque, Rafael Rios and Friends. I remember making sure I’d be at the beach every single weekend when Summer was around and now I make a trip every two years?! What the hell is happening to my life? Where are my priorities? I feel like the lame adult in those kids movies that is out of touch with fun and all serious, but then at the end of the movie they like quit their corporate job to take the kids to the playground or skip their promotion to see their kids dance recital (tangent, yes – but you know what I mean). Anyways, I will never ever let myself go like this again.vashtie_beachday_joeybadassdinner01

vashtie_beachday_joeybadassdinner02Luzern Labs Sunscreen.

Everyone should be wearing sunscreen, even you chocolatey-toned folks. One of my facialists, Mamie McDonald, who is an African American woman told me that the sun is the number one cause of aging. Once she told me that I was scared forever into a cave…hmm, maybe that’s why I don’t frequent the beach as often?

vashtie_beachday_joeybadassdinner03 vashtie_beachday_joeybadassdinner04I found the beach bathroom.

vashtie_beachday_joeybadassdinner05Rafael Rios

vashtie_beachday_joeybadassdinner06Young Scoozle





Later I had dinner with my friend and labelmate, Joey Bada$$. He told me tour stories and we talked about some future collaborations. Oooh-weee. It’s gonna be great!



Stopped by the studio to drop a hot 16 for him and Pro Era. Actually, I just went to say hello, listened to some music and then biz-ounced.vashtie_beachday_joeybadassdinner12


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