LIFE: DJ’ing For The Chloe Store In Paris x Vogue’s Paris Fashion Night Out x Party At Andy Wahloo


If I had to live anywhere outside of my beloved New York City, it would undoubtedly be Paris! I first experienced and fell in love with the city in 2003 and was reunited with it again in 2007 when Oscar and I did our 1992 Party with the Pain O’Chokolat Boys (who are now the Pigalle and Le Pom Pon Boys) in Paris and Amsterdam. Check my THROWBACK POST that I just posted.

After 6 years of having no trips to Paris (mainly because I only travel for work and I don’t vacation thanks to the immigrant guilt my parents gave me of being a “lazy American child”) I was fortunate enough to be asked to DJ the Kenzo afterparty for Paris Fashion Week in March. It was incroyable. Last year I had a good conversation with my great friend Angelo Baque, who had recently come back from a Paris Trip. He urged me that I needed to go back. That there were people out there that like what I do and support me. It was then that I put it into the universe – I want to go back to Paris…and…well…as the French say, VOILA!

I went again a couple weeks ago to DJ for the Chloe store (I’m still reeling over this), during Vogue’s Paris Fashion’s Night Out. I did a little sight-seeing and DJ’ed an afterparty for my friends Alex Sossah, Tom Brunet and Tom Yoan at Andy Wahloo. It was only 3 days, but it was perfect.

And guess what? I’m going again…for work…October 17th and 18th. More to come on that!

Anyways – Here are some photos from my trip…

vashtie_paris_9201301 vashtie_paris_9201302MONDAY MORNING 9/16:

I arrived in the wee hours of the morning on a gorgeous day.

vashtie_paris_9201303On my way to the hotel and I spotted an accident. I hope those people are ok.
vashtie_paris_9201304Took a taxi to the Chloe office for my fitting.


vashtie_paris_9201306Aurelie and Arnaud

vashtie_paris_9201307 vashtie_paris_9201308 vashtie_paris_9201309vashtie_paris_9201311I met up with my friend Alex Sossah…

vashtie_paris_9201312We headed back to his office and then headed to my hotel…

We had plans to go out, but my jetlag hit me and I was too tired.

vashtie_paris_9201313 vashtie_paris_9201314 vashtie_paris_9201315 vashtie_paris_9201316The Chloe folks gifted me a gorgeous bag! It was so precious I let it sleep on the bed while I laid on the floor. 


How crazy! Right? I JUST posted about how I need a bag! I am very thankful for this!!!

vashtie_paris_9201318TUESDAY DAY 9/17:

I spent the day shopping for friends and family and doing a little work.

Like…trying on clothes at Kenzo and not buying any. I HATE (really HATE) trying on clothes, but the store clerk was so sweet and urged me to try on their newest items.

vashtie_paris_9201319I did an interview for Snatch Magazine while I was out there.

Not sure if their word for snatch is the same as ours, regardless – it wasn’t “that kind” of magazine.

One of our locations was a beautiful church in Menilmontant (The North Of Paris).

vashtie_paris_9201320 vashtie_paris_9201321

…And a Basketball Court.

vashtie_paris_9201322Tom Brunet acted as friend, tour guide and chauffeur.

vashtie_paris_9201323TUESDAY NIGHT 9/17:

My fellow DJ’s for the Chloe Party…

Screen shot 2013-10-04 at 12.46.29 PMvia my instagram

vashtie_paris_9201324Me and Charaf!


Later that night, at Andy Wahloo. I DJ’ed also and kicked it with:

Yoan Prat, Tom Brunet, Alex Sossah and Theophilus London!


WEDNESDAY MORNING 9/18: A space heater, because every time I stay in Paris – the hotel rooms are freezing.

To me they are. I just like to be warm and cozy all the time. #COZYBOYS

Screen shot 2013-10-04 at 12.46.42 PM

Stealing waters from Hotel Fitness Centers wherever I go (and those Green Apples)! 

via my instagramScreen shot 2013-10-04 at 12.46.52 PM

via my instagram

And I was off, back home to New York City…BUT I will be heading to London and Paris in mid-October! I can’t wait to share the trip, but better yet – it would be amazing to meet any of my readers who are out there!


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