LIFE: Vashtie & Oscar In Paris & Amsterdam x 1992 & Pain O’Chokolat (October 2007)

For some of you who may remember and those of you who don’t know – I started blogging in 2006 for a community blog site called RIOTTT.COM. In about 2007 when the site became defunct, I switched over to my very own Vashtie.Com and during the switch – I lost some posts and photos. One of which, was my trip to Paris and Amsterdam with Oscar for our 1992 party. We were booked by the Pain O Chokolat Crew (who are now the Pigalle and Le Pom Pon Crew) and they couldn’t have been a better guide to all things cool in Paris. Check some of the photos, taken on our trip 6 years ago!




vashtie_paristrip_200704Our flat was supplied with French goodies.

vashtie_paristrip_200705Eating at Hotel Amour.


vashtie_paristrip_200707Stephane and Hami.


vashtie_paristrip_200709Charaf and Oscar



vashtie_paristrip_200712The meanest cat that ever existed. It lived at the flat we stayed at and it was mean and I got scratched a few times testing it’s patience.

vashtie_paristrip_200713Stephane and a nerd with a Polaroid in the club.

vashtie_paristrip_200714Visiting our friend Julien at Nike.

vashtie_paristrip_200715Party Time!


vashtie_paristrip_200717Sebo, Promise and Nemo

vashtie_paristrip_200718Nadege Winter

vashtie_paristrip_200719 vashtie_paristrip_200720 vashtie_paristrip_200721 vashtie_paristrip_200722 vashtie_paristrip_200723Mister Wix of Amsterdam

vashtie_paristrip_200724 vashtie_paristrip_200725Kesh

vashtie_paristrip_200726 vashtie_paristrip_200727 vashtie_paristrip_200728 vashtie_paristrip_200729Driving through Belgium to get to Amsterdam

vashtie_paristrip_200730KFC is just universal.

vashtie_paristrip_200731 vashtie_paristrip_200732Stephane and Me outside of the Patta store

vashtie_paristrip_200733Oscar and Gee of Patta


vashtie_paristrip_200735The best sign ever.

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