LIFE: DJ’ing in Los Angeles at The Line Hotel for Astro Gaming (June 2014)

Special thanks to my friend over at KNOW USE & ASTRO GAMING for having me DJ alongside DJ TROUBLEMAKER for their after party at the very hip and chic LINE HOTEL in K-TOWN, LA. It was a short trip, but a blast! I even got to hang with my friend Cherub Moore and her adorable babe Hunter! And as usual, I went to Cafe Gratitude because it might be my favorite place on earth to eat!vashtie_thelinehotel01 vashtie_thelinehotel02Hunter!

vashtie_thelinehotel03Cafe Gratitude. I love you!

vashtie_thelinehotel04Love Letter from The Line Hotel. How cozy! Thanks for the little package!

vashtie_thelinehotel05My room was super cute!


vashtie_thelinehotel08Later that night I met the clients for dinner in the hotel, at Pot! It was the bomb.

vashtie_thelinehotel09Eiknarf and Bobby Hundreds. Ran into him having dinner also.

vashtie_thelinehotel10Vashtie & Frankie aka Eiknarf!


The next day, Cherub took me to eat at another fun Vegan spot. I forget the name though…vashtie_thelinehotel12 vashtie_thelinehotel13 vashtie_thelinehotel14My Danish Photographer friend Casper Lundemann had some time to shoot me

vashtie_thelinehotel15 vashtie_thelinehotel16Hunter was also there having fun!

vashtie_thelinehotel17 vashtie_thelinehotel18 vashtie_thelinehotel19Steve Nash came through to hang! Always nice seeing him!

vashtie_thelinehotel20Me and Frankie.

vashtie_thelinehotel21Cherub and Marc.

vashtie_thelinehotel22Me and Cherub!

vashtie_thelinehotel23Beth Gibbs & Nicole Plantin!

vashtie_thelinehotel24 vashtie_thelinehotel25Atiba & Me!

vashtie_thelinehotel26Samantha Jo and her crew of cuties.

vashtie_thelinehotel28Most awkward pose with Will Wheeler, Me and Frankie.

vashtie_thelinehotel29I was so happy that my love Jean Paul Paula was in town from Paris. We had a window of about a few hours and we made it memorable!



We went to Greystone Manor with Steve Nash. It was Jean Paul’s first time in LA and we had to show him LA, even if this place is not my favorite or first choice,vashtie_thelinehotel32We made it work…

vashtie_thelinehotel33 vashtie_thelinehotel34

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