LIFE: Highlights of 1992, Vashtie & Oscar’s 8 Year Running Legendary 90’s Party (2006 – 2014)


Oscar & Vashtie, Soho NYC 2004

In the Summer of 2006, best friends Vashtie and Oscar did what they always did…discussed fun and creative ideas while traipsing about New York. Only, one day was entirely different, which ultimately became the day that 1992 was born. After having a long conversation about the New York Party Scene and how it just wasn’t fun, Vashtie and Oscar decided to start their own thing…enter, 1992. They were over all the parties they were attending; from Fashion Week  Shindigs to Downtown Jumpoffs, all of them played music we didn’t want to hear and none of them ever felt welcoming, despite the fact that we knew so many of the hosts of these events.


Oscar & Vashtie, NYC 2009

1992 was born with the idea in mind, that we would have a place where everyone was welcome and we would play music from the era that we loved – the 90’s! Check the timeline of thangs that 1992 has done!



Oscar & Vashtie, NYC 2008



The First 1992 Party Pops Off at Lotus New York City



The very first 1992 flyer & video invite, made by me!1992_FIRSTPARTYEVER10-768x1024DJ King Solomon


dsc02860Oscar & Vashtie (2006)


MARCH 2007

1992 in Miami at Winter Music Conference



APRIL 2007

Vashtie’s Sweet 16

vashtie+bdayvashtiejayzMister Carter and Vashtie



2wqh0cnAwww, Q-Tip!

detuhhKid Cudi and Me.

2vaz4ibElle Clay and Vashius Klay




1992 Illegal Block Party

Yes, you read that correctly. In order to put on a public event, you need a permit from the city and that needs to be requested months in advance. Thanks to our friend Neal Santos for giving us this idea. He lived on lived on Eldridge Street in the Lower East Side, and every Sunday the street was closed off for leather and fur vendors to pull their racks onto the street and make business. He had the idea to put his big speakers on the fire escape and we could put on a show…so…we did. We hired double dutch girls and asked friends to make and sell food. It was incredible!!!




1 Year Anniversary: Kid Cudi, Maxwell and more!


Our friend Kreg Holt took portraits…

300x300A Kid Named Cudi!

300x300-1Sabel Boo

300x300-2Oscar 1992

300x300-3Baby Faced Rafael Rios & Lori Stewart

img_05881Maxwell came through…



1992 & Pain O’Chokolat in Paris & Amsterdam

Randomly, we got an email from this French crew called Pain O’ Chokolat, who later went on to do Pigalle & Le Pompon, etc and now are our dear friends. They were interested in booking us in Paris and Amsterdam and of course we were more than down. We took a fun trip to Paris and DJ’ed in Club Paris Paris and then in Amsterdam! Peep the FULL BLOG POST HERE.

vashtie_paristrip_200702Hami picking us up from le’airport.

vashtie_paristrip_200706Dinner at Hotel Amour

vashtie_paristrip_200709-1024x768Charaf and Oscar 1992

vashtie_paristrip_200731vashtie_paristrip_200707Stephane and Hami

vashtie_paristrip_200722-768x1024vashtie_paristrip_200733Oscar 1992 & Gee Pata at the Patta Store in Amsterdam 

stephaneashpool_vashtie1Stephane and Me in front of the Patta store in Amsterdam



1992 in The New York Times written by Ben Detrick

This was the first time we got mentioned in serious big press and we were so gassed!!! I mean, it’s The New York Times people!!!


Screen Shot 2014-04-17 at 1.54.56 PM

Vashtie1992 web

Photo by Lynette Astaire


MARCH 2008

1992 x Around The Way Girls

23vfb0lMy around the way girl look.

34xj5szFriends that we meet in Paris the year before!

2nlerrlDJ Million Dollar Man, Hollywood Holt and Me! This is where I met my dear Chicagoan friends…them and Josh Madden!

2rhpklfRadio Rose aka Rose Garcia & Sure Shot



JULY 2008

1992 in Paper Magazine: Faces of Nightlife

picture-25 paper_jul08



1992 2 Year Anniversary: Kid Cudi & Neil Armstrong

l_21f10252e70546fbaaa99626c9086b3f picture-110Kid Cudi meeting Jay-Z right before he performs.


We had a Photo Booth which was amazing. BUT, you should all know that photo booths these days are digital and while a print copy is chugged out – a digital copy is saved to a disk that clients get to keep. I saw some crazy things on that CD ROM of people I knew kissing some other people I knew. Hahaha. Tisk tisk.dscn1182 dscn1170Raul acting “FER-O-SHE-AH”


Mel D. Cole taking flicksdscn1158Ebony Wildcat and Sabel Boo

dscn1152Kid Cudi performing 


dscn1135Me and Cudi.

dscn1132Elle Clay, Billy Dodson and Young Scoozle



1992 X The Cool Kids 

l_e6d005a17de43690e0b1ad26326e4a82 picture-41 picture-61


MARCH 2009

1992 x Opening Ceremony & Pegleg

DJ Kingdom, Shayne Oliver (Hood By Air) & Dances With White Girls

To launch their exciting collaboration with Opening Ceremony, our friends at Pegleg asked us to do a party. It involved DJ’s Dances With White Girls, Shayne of Hood By Air and DJ Kingdom and it was insane. The night also started with dinner at Lucky Strike and nothing can beat dinner from that place!dscn3965DJ Kingdom

dscn3964Dances With White Girls & Shayne of Hood By Air

dscn3939Shayne of HBA and Me, exposing his nip.

dscn3959Angelo Baque, Shayne Oliver & Jacky Tang.


APRIL 2009

1992 x DJ’ing for TopShop’s New York Opening



APRIL 2009

1992 x London’s Gullyver Party with Acyde

Grace Ladoja, Kesh, Daniel Merriweather and More!


DSCN4375Baby Faces! Me and my dear Brit babe friend, Grace Ladoja!

dscn4418Daniel Merriweather and Young Scoozle

dscn4393 dscn4404 dscn4394Irene, Grace, Me and Kesh! Whoa. Throwback for rills.

dscn4397Stephen, aka Huggy Bear, and Amaris.

dscn4365Acyde DJ’ing

dscn4411Oscar and Me! 



1992 4 Year Anniversary x DJ Soul & Stretch Armstrong

1992_4year03-1024x768 1992_4year05-1024x768Slim Thugga and Chubby Thugga

1992_4year18-1024x768 1992_4year11-1024x768Miles from Outernational & Jamel Mims


APRIL 2011

1992 x Questlove & DJ Soul

Screen-shot-2011-04-08-at-4.22.35-PM 1992_bigfun_QUESTLOVE04-1024x768 Screen-shot-2011-04-08-at-4.20.35-PM 1992_bigfun_QUESTLOVE03-768x1024

Screen-shot-2011-04-08-at-4.23.07-PM Screen-shot-2011-04-08-at-4.20.22-PM



1992 x Opening Ceremony 10 Year Anniversary

For Opening Ceremony’s 10 Year Anniversary, they decided to honor New York City Nightlife with a rave at Webster Hall. Every room was occupied by all the hottest parties in NYC; The Smiths, The Misshapes, Ghetto Gothik and 1992! Woo hoo. It was the best party I’ve been to in the last 10 years!

oc10yr_vashtie40-1024x768 OC_10YR_OC-1024x721 oc10yr_vashtie02-1024x768Oscar 1992 & Vashtie 1992

oc10yr_vashtie14-1024x768Sabel Boo doing the damn thing.

oc10yr_vashtie22-575x1024Dev Hynes aka Blood Orange

oc10yr_vashtie20-1024x768Josh Madden & Levi Maestro

oc10yr_vashtie35-768x1024 oc10yr_vashtie32-1024x768 oc10yr_vashtie10-1024x768Boy Babes.

oc10yr_vashtie15-1024x768 oc10yr_vashtie12-1024x768Akeem and Raul

oc10yr_vashtie28-1024x768Shayne Oliver and Venus X

oc10yr_vashtie33-1024x768 OC_10YR_1992-1024x723 oc10yr_vashtie06-768x1024Lil Kim performed!

oc10yr_vashtie30-1024x768Angelo and Elle going half on a baby.




1992 6 Year Anniversary 

1992_6YEAR_vashtie_9281205-1024x768Pryce Holmes, Mike Hastings & Charles

1992_6YEAR_vashtie_9281226-768x1024Harry & Corey

1992_6YEAR_vashtie_9281217-768x1024Raul and Elle. My favorite photo of these two!

1992_6YEAR_vashtie_92812_1-1024x768Chester, Elle, Young Scozle and Mike Tyson.

1992_6YEAR_vashtie_9281201-768x1024Genevieve Jones, Kristen & Me.

1992_6YEAR_vashtie_92812_11-768x1024 1992_6YEAR_vashtie_9281202-768x1024 1992_6YEAR_vashtie_9281206-1024x768DJ Neil Armstrong


JUNE 2012

1992 x Green Label Sounds 

summerfridays_griffin_DJSOUL06-1024x768 Screen-shot-2013-06-17-at-5.00.42-PM DEF7E987-BC7C-488E-A0D3-9A09CC96AD90 summerfridays_griffin_DJSOUL02-768x1024


MARCH 2013

1992 for Kenzo in Paris;

Solange, Robyn & More

Screen-shot-2013-03-11-at-1.47.53-PM paris_kenzo_33201327-1024x768Nadege Winter

paris_kenzo_33201337-768x1024 paris_kenzo_33201338-768x1024Solange


MARCH 2013

1992 Smoke DZA Album Release x Just Blaze


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