LIFE: Birthday in Paris – Hotel Amour, Pigalle Office, Jean Paul Paula, Alex Sossah, Dexter Navy (4.22.14)


Yay. Yes, it’s that time of year when my birthday is in town. This time, we took a quick getaway to Paris. I’ve had various destination birthdays like Las Vegas and Los Angeles (which doesn’t count, because I was working/directing Justin Bieber), but nothing like this…I mean, it’s Paris!

vashtie_parisbirthday_4201401Oi, traveling…how I hate you. I mean, why can’t we teleport by now? It’s 2014!

vashtie_parisbirthday_4201402I agreed to buy a glass of something to drink so I could charge my phone. I had a nice conversation with a Belgian at Sammy Hagar’s chain restaurant/bar.

vashtie_parisbirthday_4201403On le’aeroplane.

vashtie_parisbirthday_4201404 vashtie_parisbirthday_4201405Paris!

vashtie_parisbirthday_4201406 vashtie_parisbirthday_4201407Seeing maps while I travel helps me to understand the geography.


Checking into Hotel Amour in Pigalle, the 9th District. Normally, I stay in the Marais – the 3rd, but I got hooked up on the telly so I stayed here for the first time. Normally, this place is always sold out because it’s super cool.vashtie_parisbirthday_4201409While I was checking in, I ran into Hami – my old friend that I met with the Pigalle/Pain O’ Chokolat guys in Paris back in 2007. My room needed more time to get readied so we went to the Pigalle office where the buys were working super hard.

vashtie_parisbirthday_4201410Alex Sossah, my love, took me for a drink. I picked that blue drink on the counter having no idea what it was. I thought it was sparkling water. Since he was on the phone I didn’t ask, but it ended up being some minty sparkling water. Interesting.

vashtie_parisbirthday_4201412I ran into my dear love Jean Paul Paula and his love Kevin. They are adorable!

vashtie_parisbirthday_4201413 vashtie_parisbirthday_4201414Lunch at Hotel Amour.

vashtie_parisbirthday_4201415 vashtie_parisbirthday_4201416My room.

vashtie_parisbirthday_4201417Since my birthday is April 23rd, I decided to have dinner and wine dolo. Then – I got a call from my British photographer friend Dexter Navy who just got back from Italy with his girlfriend saying he would come meet me because I couldn’t ring in my birthday alone. It was very sweet of him!

vashtie_parisbirthday_4201418Dexter Navy

vashtie_parisbirthday_4201419 vashtie_parisbirthday_4201420I ran into some other friends at the hotel and they took me to a close by bar for rum!

vashtie_parisbirthday_4201421 vashtie_parisbirthday_4201422Dexter Navy and me!

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