LIFE: New York Knick Watching, Jack’s Wife Freda & Snow in April (4.15.14)


When The Knicks are good…they are on fire. I don’t have much to say when they are not on fire, but then again – I love them unconditionally! Scored some nice tickets from Young Scoozle and went to peep the game. It was great. Then it snowed. Then we ate at Jack’s Wife Freda and then…the end.

vashtie_knicks_4161301 vashtie_knicks_4161302 vashtie_knicks_4161303vashtie_knicks_4161305Best dressed!

vashtie_knicks_4161306 vashtie_knicks_4161307Thanks Uber.

(Oh and sign up for Uber using my code UBERVASHTIE and get 20$ off your first ride).

vashtie_knicks_4161308Enjoying Manhattans while enjoying Manhattan at Jack’s Wife Freda! It’s great to have friends in high places, but better to have good friends in the restaurant business. Lord knows, you will always walk away a little too full and tipsy.

vashtie_knicks_4161309After the Manhattans, we were given this bottle and instructed to finish it. That clearly did not happen because I am sitting here today with my liver in tact.

vashtie_knicks_4161310Yep. Snow. Snow, people. Snow in April after the weather was in the 70’s. Thanks to tracking and whatever else the government is finagling with, the earth hates us and wants us expelled. I can’t blame her.

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