LIFE: Mexican Morrissey Night at Lit Lounge x DJ’ing with Angelo, Jeremiah and Fernando! (11.6.13)


Ever since Sway Lounge ended its long-running and  legendary Morrissey Night, Mexican Morrissey has been the answer to our prayers…specifically us ethnic kids and our prayers! It’s amazing to know that you’re not the only brown or ethnic kid who cries on the inside (and sometimes outside) to a British man’s problems.

For those of you who don’t know, Morrissey and The Smiths have a die hard fan base…and if you don’t know that, then you don’t know me very well…because I am obsessed!

This bi-monthly or monthly party happens at Lit Lounge and is sprinkled with the usual crew, but also gets packed with fans we’ve never met before. It all makes for an amazing night; singing along with strangers and dancing with your best buds. #sadsongs for #sadboys. It’s like Drake, if Drake were British, white, popular in the 80’s, made songs about unrequited love and loneliness instead of being a baller who is sad because he gets girls, makes more money than you’ll ever see and drinks champagne all day.


Angelo and Me.

I played lots of Depeche Mode, The Smiths and some Selena. Hey, it’s Mexican Morrissey!vashtie_mexmoz_1120132

This is the photo Rafael Rios takes of himself when you make the mistake of asking him to take a photo of you and Angelo. #Creepvashtie_mexmoz_1120133

Babes out dancing! Hey Anoma!vashtie_mexmoz_1120134

Rafael and Jassine!vashtie_mexmoz_1120135

Neal Santos and Tyvashtie_mexmoz_1120136


Angelo aka BabyFace, Ty and Me. I promise my hair was cuter than this, but my Beats By Dre Headphones don’t maintain a cute pulled back hairdo.vashtie_mexmoz_1120138

Hey Boo’s!vashtie_mexmoz_1120139

Weirdo Dave and Weirdo Vash.


See you next time at Mexican Morrissey Night! Until then, I’ll save some tears for you!

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