WATCH: Bevy Smith “Fashion Queens” on Bravo (Because If You’re Not, What Are You Doing With Your Life?!)


For those of you who love fashion and a good kee-kee, you MUST tune into “Fashion Queens“. It is hosted by my lovely and incredibly talented friend Bevy Smith and stars equally charming and quick witted co-hosts, Derek J. and Miss Lawrence.

I love when people are honest and these three keep it really real.

A lot of you reading this have commented on my posts letting me know that I inspire you (thank you, you beautiful babes), but Bevy Smith is someone who has long inspired myself. She is an entrepreneur, a woman about town, a social butterfly who could make intriguing conversation with ANYONE! Some of my long-time readers may know that although I appear to be social, social events mortify me – but, watching Bevy glide effortlessly through a room full of strangers, making them laugh and glow in her presence (no exaggeration)…has inspired me to try (because I have not mastered it) and do the same.

Check this incredible write-up by Ebony on Miss Bevy Smith

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