LIFE: My Paris Fashion Week 2016 Photo Diary

I adore Paris and I am so lucky to be able to travel there for work. And literally, anything is possible in life. If you haven’t traveled to a new continent and want to, just know – it can be done and be done affordably. I leave that for another post, but just for some inspirationally reference – I’m from the hood and literally shared a bed with my sister. If I can make it out – so can you!

Okay, now on to some fun photos…


Since I started traveling a lot for work in the past 2 years, I’ve become a pro. Vegan snacks, so I don’t die and my usual British Airways Flight…


Don’t mind if I do.



Violette Phone Cases available at VioletteNewYork.Comvashtie_pfw16_3201605 vashtie_pfw16_3201606

Couldn’t help some selfies. Loving my faux fur from THPSHOP.COvashtie_pfw16_3201607 vashtie_pfw16_3201608 vashtie_pfw16_3201609

Fittings at Chloevashtie_pfw16_3201610 vashtie_pfw16_3201611

Getting ready to DJ for Jour/Né at Silenciovashtie_pfw16_3201612 vashtie_pfw16_3201613

This dress is everything!vashtie_pfw16_3201614

Lots and lots of fancy fashion to wear.


DAY 2vashtie_pfw16_3201615

Way too tired.vashtie_pfw16_3201616

Violette and Chloë work well together.vashtie_pfw16_3201617 vashtie_pfw16_3201618

Invites Galore. The difference between New York Fashion Week and Paris, is that you need your physical invite to get into the shows. It’s inconvenient at times, but kind of a nice tradition.


Later on, I DJ’ed for my NYC friends, Up & Down, who had a pop up shop/club at L’Arc. Virgil Abloh and Jus Ske also played some jams.


Naleye was in the cut.


Angelo, Coco and Kyle Demers

vashtie_pfw16_3201621 vashtie_pfw16_3201622

Late Night Homie Chats at Air BnB.


Day 3vashtie_pfw16_3201623

Fittings at Kenzo.vashtie_pfw16_3201624

Some adorable Parisian scenery.vashtie_pfw16_3201625 vashtie_pfw16_3201626 vashtie_pfw16_3201627

These cuties were selling their delicious juice from Senegal at Merci Boutique.vashtie_pfw16_3201628

I found an organic market that literally gave my raw vegan body life!

Later on, I met my friends Kaki and Ryan…
vashtie_pfw16_3201632 vashtie_pfw16_3201633

Aren’t they cute!vashtie_pfw16_3201634

Then, I met up with miss Kilo Kish for the Trapstar Afterparty.vashtie_pfw16_3201635

It was at Regine’s…which made me think of “Living Single”vashtie_pfw16_3201636

J. Scott tearing it up.


Kilo, Morgane Polanski, and Me.


Me, myself & Irene!

Congrats to Mikey and the Trapstar Boys.vashtie_pfw16_3201640


Day 4


OMG! I got invited to Galliano. What a dream come true!!!vashtie_pfw16_3201642

Stopped to see the exquisite Zuhair Muradvashtie_pfw16_3201643 vashtie_pfw16_3201644 vashtie_pfw16_3201645 vashtie_pfw16_3201646

Hotel Plaza Athenee.


Family dinner at Julien’s
vashtie_pfw16_3201647 vashtie_pfw16_3201648 vashtie_pfw16_3201649 vashtie_pfw16_3201650

Irene battling the force known as Angelo’s wicked charm.

Tuna Tartare.vashtie_pfw16_3201652

This espresso is saving my life.vashtie_pfw16_3201653

Charaf (Le Pom Pon) & Stephane Ashpool (Pigalle)vashtie_pfw16_3201654 vashtie_pfw16_3201655 vashtie_pfw16_3201656 vashtie_pfw16_3201657

Afterparty for Givenchy.vashtie_pfw16_3201658 vashtie_pfw16_3201659

My love, Jean Paul Paula.vashtie_pfw16_3201660 vashtie_pfw16_3201661

Luka Sabbat & Ian Connor…Michael Lockley in the background.vashtie_pfw16_3201662

Afshin <3


Day 5

I got asked to DJ Devon Windsor’s Birthday Party at Hotel Plaza Athenee!

Afterwards, I stopped at Silencio with Afshin and Emmanuele (LivinCool)


Partying with my English Mates…



Angelo & Ian Connorvashtie_pfw16_3201667


Johnny & Paloma <3

vashtie_pfw16_3201669 vashtie_pfw16_3201670

Irene, Grace, Me, and Suz P.vashtie_pfw16_3201671

Me and Stephane discussing our love and family plans in another lifetime.vashtie_pfw16_3201672

Dan & Charaf.vashtie_pfw16_3201673

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