LIFE: Supreme’s Paris Store Soft Opening & Afterparty – Last Day In Paris

Okay, just saying. I cannot believe how much Supreme has not only grown, but taken over the world while continuing to dominate in an authentic way. I came to know this brand in the late 90’s, when I was still in Albany hanging out with my dirtbag skater homies – dreaming of “The Big Apple”. When I moved to New York, I was told by my pro skater homie Steven Cales to look up A-Ron at the shop. I sure enough did and a few months later I paid my dues and became apart of the clique – working under the Jebbia umbrella at the Stüssy Store. At that time, the office was a small space and housed less than 5 people. 15 years later and the brand has grown so immensely and intensely. Being in Paris for their store opening was perfect timing as it coincided with Paris Fashion Week…ending the stressful trendy period with a New York Style Blowout!


First, lunch with my beautiful friend Jessica Linon from Moët at Colette.

IMG_7270 IMG_7271 IMG_7272 IMG_7273 IMG_7274


The store opened in the Marais, which is like the EAST VILLAGE or the WILLIAMSBURG of Paris (If I had to compare it to NYC)


A-Ron the Don and West.


Angelo Baque


Jason Dill and Myself


Tyshawn Jones and Sage Elsesser



The Brits came to town too!IMG_7280

Tremaine and Tan


Kyle Demers and TyShawn Lyons

IMG_7283 IMG_7284

Outside was a very cool and calm mayhem. Not like New York where everyone would probably be beasting at the door, PARIS had an understated cool about the whole thing.


In between the store’s soft opening and the afterparty, I ran to a store to get some things. That blog post is coming soon…

IMG_7285 IMG_7287 IMG_7292 +++++

The afterparty took place at La Balajo. It’s a very old and cool dance club. Some of you may remember that I DJ’ed there a few years ago when I went to Paris for fashion week and was booked by Kenzo to play some jams. I fell in love with the club then!

IMG_7294 IMG_7295

Michael LAMJC


Charaf Tajer making boss moves


I miss Hami so much! I see him like once every 3 years!

IMG_7298DJ Supa and Artist Tyrsa.


Cousin Pablo!!! I missed you! Look at him and his babe of a girlfriend, Chyna.

IMG_7300 IMG_7301 IMG_7302Me and Alex Sossah! He’s the man!


My friend Cam’Ron had a surprise performance!



William Strobeck and Ricky Saiz

IMG_7306 IMG_7307 IMG_7309 IMG_7310

Me and Angelo Baque with his new gold tooth by Dolly Cohen.


Angelo Baque, Sage Elsesser and Myself.

IMG_7312 IMG_7313 IMG_7314 IMG_7315 IMG_7317

The gift bag given out at the store.


See my snapchat @VASHTIEKOLA for he play by play before it deletes!




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