LIFE: Pusha T’s Store Opening x Creme 321 in Virginia x Famlay, Emily B. & More!

Over this past weekend, my friend of 10 years Pusha-T, had an opening party for his luxe boutique Creme in Virginia. He invited me out and I had to support. It had been almost 6 or 7 years since I had been to the Virginia Beach/Norfolk area and I missed it dearly. I’ve always had a fondness for the area…

Planning just the right outfit!

I always cut these shoulder hanger strings out. Thank goodness for my Supreme keychain with scissors!


Pusha-T scooped myself and Loic from the telly and we headed over to the shop. While we were discussing food options, Pusha asked me if I was vegan and I confirmed and then he had jokes on me…”so what you eat, mushrooms?”. Hahahaha.

When we pulled up to the shop, I was blown away. It’s incredible. It’s so beautiful. If you are in the area, you must check it out!

MCM Backpacks

I met some of my supporters from the VA area…

More super sweet supporters. I loved their style!

Loic and Pusha


Later, we snuck out with the ol’ gang for food at Kincaid’s…before the grand opening party.

Loic, T, Stacey, Me, Phillip & Fam-lay

Mike and Beautiful Virginia Williams (sidenote: I LOVE that her name is Virginia)

The Fellas.

Emily B. & Me

I always forget that she is a Virginia Beach native! I loved that she was there repping!

Phillip rocking me and Dee & Ricky’s latest collaboration…the Vashtie F*** YOU PIN. Funny, because I never flip the bird.

Mike also rocking the pin. It looks great on boys!

Me, Loic and Stacey…

We stopped into Sassi’s Dessert Bar, where the DJ was going off! We may have gotten late to the party, but the music was still pumping. We had a fun time here…eating cake (not me, nothing was vegan) and a few margaritas (not me, I have a low tolerance), but I did sing and dance to Bobby Brown. See, I’m not a total nerd.

Fam-lay had some good moves!

Loic, Fam-Lay, Me and Phillip

Me and Mike were matching…

Fam-Lay and Pusha-T…just Nate and Terrence from VA.


After, we went to a club called Fuego’s and there was almost a ticket from the cops in our future – but somehow, we wiggled our way out of it. Good job, Loic!

It was a great time! I so missed the Norfolk and Virginia Beach area. It was a fun and nostalgic trip and I can’t wait to go back again.


Photos via BBC’s BLOG:

Brock & Pusha-T


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