party pics: 3/27 OPEN at SANTOS with Q TIP, ME and RICH MEDINA!!!

the pre-party happened at PATRICKS sick loft in soho. ERIN invited us, and i was suprised to run into some familiar bros.

*the elevator up.

*naughty art.

*ERIN looked lovely as always.

OFF TO SANTOS!!! i heard JANET JACKSON was there, but i had no chance to see the icon myself.

*CURT@!N$ and ME.

*ELLE next to a stranger…when i originally took this i thought he was eating a hotdog. eh, it’s not a hotdog – i was just fantasizing about food again 🙁


*THEOPHILUS LONDON…he’s trinidadian!!!

*SANTOS understands you!

*in the “batch-room”, thats how my mama pronounces bathroom with her accent 😉

*DREA from CHICAGO (and HE SAY SHE SAY) was in the building, all the way from CHI-TOWN.


*tee hee.

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