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LIFE: Young Vashtie (Birth to Pre-School) – Part 1 of 3

For my long-time readers, I know I’ve been talking about getting around to this for some time now. It’s so beyond long overdue, yet in perfect time…since it’s my birthday today! I had been wanting to do a post on

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NEWS: Violette New York Releases Latest Violette Vintage x Metal & Concert Tees!

My good friend Elle Clay always laughs when an interview or article refers to me along the lines of a “Hip Hop Princess” or anything to that effect. “They don’t know that you’re a dirty white boy underneath it all?!”

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ALBANY | i put on for my city (part 2)!

next up…NEW YORK STATE MUSEUM! in downtown ALBANY. it had everything from a ROCKWELL KENT exhibit to the history of NEW YORK, from the ice ages to present day. it was exhausting, hence the post might put you to sleep.

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ALBANY| i put on for my city (part 1)!

the capital of NEW YORK is where i was born and bred. it might seem confusing why my Fathers brother came from Trinidad to settle down in the Bronx in the late 70’s and why my Father didn’t follow his

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my hometown of downtown ALBANY…

it’s funny to me when people sometimes assume that i’m from some kind of gated community or suburb because of the way i speak or the things i’m into. they hear “Albany” and think because it’s upstate that it’s some

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while i was browsing classic GWAR videos, it made me think back to my days in Albany. hanging out on Lark Street and going to hardcore shows at the QE2…oh, my days as a little straight-edged misfit. it was around

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