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#VashtieEatsOut: Pearl’s – Authentic Trinidadian Cuisine in Williamsburg Brooklyn.

If you’re in New York looking for authentic Trinidadian cuisine with a hip and modern twist, look no further than Pearl’s.  It opened a few years ago by John Seymour, who is also the co-owner of the ever popular Sweet

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#WomanCrushinItWednesday: The Trinidadian Women of Hip Hop

It’s safe to say we’ve taken the word “woman” to an entire new level. “The Woman” is fearless, strong, elegant, and task-oriented in 2018 and at VashtieDotCom, we’re here for it. On Wednesdays we celebrate not only a woman we’re

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LIFE: Young Vashtie (Birth to Pre-School) – Part 1 of 3

For my long-time readers, I know I’ve been talking about getting around to this for some time now. It’s so beyond long overdue, yet in perfect time…since it’s my birthday today! I had been wanting to do a post on

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In honor of the Labor Day Parade today and all my West Indian friends, dem – I’m reposting this SCHOOL GIRL CRUSH piece that I did back in March 2010 on Supercat because it will forever be relevant! First of

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a new dance…well, probably not that new in the islands. check it out. i love my crazy west indian folks! *DAGGA FI DI GYAL DEM DI BEST DAGGERING VIDEO PON YOUTUBE NUH ARGUMENT NUH INNA DAT *DAGGERING by MR.VEGAS (i

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