3 Ways I Workout at Home – Using a Trampoline, Jump Rope & YouTube!

Being unable to go to the gym threw me way off my game in the beginning of lockdown. I am the kind of person that craves routine and without it, I was a bit lost. It took me about 4 weeks to get back into a swing of things that was doable for me, which included…dusting off my mini trampoline (which has so many benefits), my jumprope and my YouTube account. My schedule is still a bit weird, filled with moments of surging productivity and numbing non-productivity…but at least I’m getting a little sweat in.

Let’s start with the most free option and then work our way up.


YOUTUBE WORKOUTS: Free | 150 Calories Burned in 10 Minutes (est.)

I prefer to have a YouTube Premium account because ads and commercials really boil my blood, but you can obviously use the free version. I prefer the channel Fitness Blender, because it’s a cute married couple who know a lot about fitness but aren’t like perfect workout people who smile the whole time and look too cool. Also, my favorite thing about their videos is that they offer beginner/advanced options for moves and a calorie counter during the entire workout – so you don’t have to guess.

You can also search any kind of workout you like – just type it in. You can search for key phrases  that interest you, like; “HIIT”, “Pregnancy Safe”, “Butt Building”, “Dancehall Cardio”, etc. It’s perfect if you have an injury that you’re trying to avoid making worse, just use search “workout” and add key phrases like; “Knee Safe” or “Foot Injury”.


JUMPING ROPE: $12 and up | 124 Calories Burned in 10 Minutes (est.)

For some reason I hate running, but once I’m back into the swing of consistently jumping rope for a few days – I feel like Rocky running up them stairs. It’s something about finding a rhythm with my breathing and jumping, but also fixated my eyes on a certain point – it’s almost hypnotic.

What keeps me really going is making a playlist music videos (or music) and setting up a screen in my path of vision while I jump. I highly recommend it. I used to jump for 30-60 minutes, but now I like to do 20 minutes of jumping rope and then a 30-40 minute video of HIIT Cardio.

You can find an array of jump ropes on Amazon.Com starting as low as $12 and working upwards.

+Improves Coordination. Jumping rope actually improves your coordination by making you focus on your feet. …

+Decreases Foot and Ankle Injuries. …

+Burns Major Calories. …

+Completely Portable and Fun. …

+Improves Bone Density. …

+Improves Cardiovascular Health. …

+Improved Breathing Efficiency. ..


REBOUNDING: $39 and up | 94 Calories Burned in 10 Minutes (est.)

Trampoline jumping is not just a fun pastime for kids, it’s also a seriously great workout for your entire body and for any age. It’s gentle on the joints, yet gets your cardiovascular system going.

I bought a fancy Bellicon Rebounder (the Bellicon Plus in 44″) a few years ago and although I loved it, I barely used it pre-corona since I went to the gym regularly. Having it at home now is really nice. I can work up a great sweat, especially when my knee or toe injury have a flare-up. It’s a super nice and well made product, but you can find even more affordable options online…like $39.99 at Dick’s or for $89.99 on Amazon.Com.


+Works your abs, butt, legs and deep back muscles.

+May help improve endurance.

+May stimulate the lymphatic system, which can flush out toxins, dead cells, bacteria and other waste products.

+May help improve overall motor skills, balance and coordination.

+Supports bone strength and bone density. Bouncing puts small amounts of pressure on the bones, which helps them grow stronger.

+May support pelvic floor health. The motions work muscles of the deep core that help prevent urinary incontinence and stabilize hip joints.

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