Stop Playing Yourself & Start Meditating Now!

Many of the most famous and successful people meditate daily. It’s free, it’s easy, you can do it almost anywhere and the benefits are astounding. So…why aren’t you doing it yet?

I’ve been meditating every morning for 4 years now and I swear by it. If I haven’t done it in a few days I feel major stress…and everyone around me does also, which isn’t helpful for me or them. Considering our times now, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT.

From what I hear, it seems that most people have tried it and fell like they have failed because they couldn’t stop thinking. But that’s the thing, it’s natural to think or be swarmed by thoughts…almost always. You just have to actively let the thought pass.

Sometimes, all I do is think and I try to let go of a thought and it returns not so long after. the most important thing is that you have let your brain and consciousness chill out, if even for 1 minute.

Think about it (no pun intended), your brain is constantly working and thinking. Giving it literally one moment for non-thought is majorly beneficial for your entire being.

Here are 12 Science-Based Benefits of Meditating via HealthLine.Com:

  1. Reduces Stress
  2. Controls Anxiety
  3. Promotes Emotional Health
  4. Enhances Self-Awareness
  5. Lengthens Attention Span
  6. May Reduce Age-Related Memory Loss
  7. May Generate Kindness
  8. May Help Fight Addictions
  9. Improves Sleep
  10. Helps Control Pain
  11. Can Decrease Blood Pressure
  12. You Can Meditate Anywhere

There are two major styles of meditation:

*I personally practice Transcendental Meditation, which I paid for – but you can use any style. I love a guided meditation, but in listening to a guide – you are still in active thought. I suggest non-guided for the ultimate benefits.

  • Focused-attention meditation: Concentrates attention on a single object, thought, sound or visualization. It emphasizes ridding your mind of attention and distraction. Meditation may focus on breathing, a mantra or a calming sound.
  • Open-monitoring meditation: Encourages broadened awareness of all aspects of your environment, train of thought and sense of self. It may include becoming aware of thoughts, feelings or impulses that you might normally try to suppress
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